From a customer need to a suitable architecture

An IT or OT infrastructure nowadays, consists of a complex composition of components. That complexity is constantly increasing. The combination of physical and virtual infrastructures for the benefit of networks, data storage & security, but also the data and the information itself, can no longer be considered as separate components. In almost every situation we must design and/or assess the architecture in its entirety. The architects are the experts who have the knowledge for this. At Quality we have divided the expertise into three disciplines:

  • Business Architect
  • Solution Architect
  • Data Network & Security Architect
"My challenge is to translate your needs into an appropriate architecture"

Business Architecture

Our business architect will help a client with the very first development of a required (technical) strategy and vision. In order to draw up a business architecture, our people intensively study the business processes involved and the way in which the infrastructure can support them. The business architect will conduct extensive discussions with ‘your business’: who are the stakeholders, what are the (future) plans, what investments are planned, what are the current solutions, and so on.

The most important information a business architect needs:

  • Customer needs (now and in the future)
  • Who are the stakeholders (which parties have a ‘voice’ in the process)?
  • Insight into the ‘as-is’ situation
  • The affected systems and processes to guarantee an integrated approach
  • Governance rules; what is the policy, what are your regulations and requirements
  • The developments and the existing solutions in the market

Ultimately, the business architect will provide a detailed vision and strategy document in which the customer needs are identified. This document also describes the solution path and associated benefits related to the current situation. It also considers the minimization of risks and impact on your organization during migration and maintenance (management). In short, the vision and strategy document fits seamlessly with your business strategy, roadmap and investment plans.

Solution Architecture

Our solution architect describes the purpose, function and cost effectiveness of a solution, based on the vision and strategy document, and the best way we can design or assess such an infrastructure. With solution architecture we help you, the client, to clarify the requirements for the infrastructure. This starts with:

  1. Identification of all users of the infrastructure
  2. Who has a say, and what are their requirements

When we have acquired that information, we can take the next step. These steps include:

  • Preparing a program of requirements
  • Designing the architecture blueprint
  • Assisting with the selection of hardware and/or software, or the suppliers
  • Designing the OTAP, the development, assessing, acceptance and production environment

Data Network & Security Architecture

The goal for our data network & security architect is to design a solution by drawing up a functional design. This functional design is based on your architecture blueprint. Each description refers to the principles and requirements included in the blueprint.

The functional design that the data network & security architect delivers provides information about the structure and design of a technical solution. Only when that information is identified and has an architectural foundation, our consultants, and ultimately also the engineers, will get to work on the technical details with your specialists.

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